[Solution] MySQL Error: Failed to open file “file_name” error 2/error 22

MySQL is a relational database management system based on SQL – Structured Query Language. The application is used for a wide range of purposes, including data warehousing, e-commerce, and logging applications. SQL should not be confused with MySQL as SQL is a programming language while MySQL is a database product that uses SQL as its operational language.

SQL is used for accessing, updating and maintaining data in a database and MySQL is an RDBMS that allows users to keep the data that exists in a database organized. Many beginners while using MySQL for the first time have faced the error message “MySQL Error: Failed to open file “file_name” error 2/error 22”.

What causes this error:

At first, many beginners would think that this problem could be caused due to the wrong OS being used as it is widely known that databases and database management tools are designed to work smoothly on Linux as it is the industry standard so Windows or Mac users might have a hard time using it but this is not the case.

To debug this issue, we have to dig deeper into how MySQL works. Since my SQL is a relational database management system, when it imports SQL, it queries along the relative path.

For example, when you open MySQL in the XYZ folder, and input source form/test.sql at this time, the file is queried in the XYZ folder. What you can do is, you can execute the login command by changing the directory to the directory where the SQL file is located.

How to fix this MySQL Error: Failed to open file “file_name” error 2/error 22:

Now, once we have figured out the problem, let’s focus on the solution. To your surprise, the solution to this mind-boggling error is quite simple, this error can be fixed by following these steps.

You just have to use Command Prompt or CMD to open the folder where the SQL file exists, then open SQL and then import MySQL in it.

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