[PDF] GATE / IES / ISRO / DRDO 2021 & 2022 Handwritten Notes and Best Books for CSE & IT Free Download

We at Coders Buddy provide the best study material from famous coachings like ACE Academy and Made Easy Academy for GATE, IES-ESE, DRDO, ISRO, PSUs, etc. All the GATE notes can be downloaded for free in PDF format. In this very particular post, we have provided you with a complete package as downloadable PDFs and several video courses to crack GATE, IES, ESE in 2021 & 2022 for Computer Science Engineering (CSE) and Information Technology (IT).

Computer Science (CSE) & Information Technology (IT) GATE, ESE, IES, PSU, ISRO, DRDO notes pdf free download

Video Lectures

Compiler Design 1. By IIT Kharagpur (Web)
2. By IIT Kanpur (Video)
3. By IISC Bangalore (Video)
4. By IIT Kharagpur (Video)
Operating System1. Introduction to Operating Systems – IIT Madras (Video)
2. Operating System Fundamentals – IIT Kharagpur (Video)
3. Operating System – IISC Bangalore (Web)
4. Operating Systems – IIT Delhi (Video)
Databases1. Database Design – IIT Madras (Video)
2. Introduction to Database Systems and Design – IIT Madras (Web)
3. Indexing and Searching Techniques in Databases – IIT Kanpur (Web)
Theory of Computation1. Theory of Computation – IIT Kanpur (Video)
Algortihm1. Fundamental Algorithms: Design and Analysis – IIT Kharagpur (Video)
2. Data Structure and Algorithm – IIT Delhi (Video)
3. Design and Analysis of Algorithms – IIT Bombay (Web)
4. Design and Analysis of Algorithms – IIT Bombay (Video)
Computer Organization1. Computer Organization – IIT Kharagpur (Video)
Computer Networks1. Computer Networks – IIT Kharagpur (Web)
2. Computer Networks – IIT Kharagpur (Video)
3. Computer Networks – IIT Madras (Web)
Best CSE NPTEL Video and Web Lectures for GATE, ESE, IES, PSUs, etc.

Best Handwritten Notes and Standard Books for GATE / IES / ESE / DRDO / ISRO 2021 & 2022 Free Download [Pdf]

Best Books and Handwritten Notes for GATE CSE & IT 2021 and 2022 – Students preparing for the GATE Computer Science Engineering (CSE) paper should refer to the best GATE study material including standard books and notes for CSE & IT that are provided by us for free. Getting the best GATE / ISRO / DRDO / IES / ESE CSE study material (Notes, Books, etc.) is the first thing that should come to mind of a person preparing for the GATE exam. Choosing the best GATE books for CSE and IT is very very important because there is enough time for the GATE 2021 and 2022 to be conducted and it’s the right time to make a strategy for the preparation and follow the same with great discipline. Computer Science Engineering is not an easy subject and lakhs of people pursue CSE and IT in college. Hence, getting the best books and notes for GATE becomes tough. Hence, it becomes a basic requirement to have the best preparation books for GATE CSE students or if they are preparing for any other competitive examinations. This article provides the answer to ‘what are the best notes and standard books for GATE CSE and IT’ and are available to download for free.

S No.SubjectsDownload Links
1.Compiler DesignCompiler Design Notes (Made Easy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Compiler Design Notes (Ace Academy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Compiler Design Notes (Ravindrababu Ravula) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Standard Book: Compiler Design By Aho & Ullman (On Amazon)
2.Computer NetworksCompiler Networks Notes (Made Easy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Compiler Networks Notes (Ace Academy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Compiler Networks Notes (Ravindrababu Ravula) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Standard Book: Computer Networks|By Forouzan & Mosharraf (On Amazon)
3.Computer Organization & ArchitectureComputer Organization & Architecture Notes (Ace Academy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Computer Organization & Architecture Notes (Made Easy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Standard Book: Computer Organization | 5th Edition by HAMACHER & Zaky (On Amazon)
4.Programming & Data StructureProgramming & Data Structure Notes (Made Easy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Programming & Data Structure Notes (Ace Academy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Programming & Data Structures Notes (Ravindrababu Ravula) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Standard Book: Data Structures and Algorithms by Sastri & Nayak (On Amazon)
5.DataBase Management System (DBMS)DBMS Notes (Made Easy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
DBMS Notes (Ravindrababu Ravula) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Standard Book: Database Systems | By Ullman & Widom (On Amazon)
6.Design Analysis and AlgorithmDesign Analysis and Algorithm (Ace Academy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Design Analysis and Algorithm (Made Easy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Standard Book: Introduction to Algorithms by H. Cormen (On Amazon)
7.Digital LogicDigital Logic Notes (Ravindrababu Ravula) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Digital Logic Notes 1 (Ace Academy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Digital Logic Notes 2 (Ace Academy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Digital Logic Notes (Made Easy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Standard Book: Digital Design: with an Introduction to the Verilog Hdl (On Amazon)
8.MathematicsMathematics Notes by S K Mondol – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Mathematics Notes (Made Easy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
9.Operating SystemOperating System Notes (Ace Academy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Operating System Notes (Ravindrababu Ravula) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Standard Book: Operating System Concepts | By Galvin & Gagne
10.Theory of ComputationTheory of Computation (Ravindrababu Ravula) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Theory of Computation (Ace Academy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Theory of Computation (Made Easy) – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Standard Book: The Theory of Computation by Bernard M Moret (On Amazon)
11.Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering Notes – GATE/IES/ISRO/DRDO/ESE
Standard Book: Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach | By Pressman (On Amazon)
Free Handwritten Notes & Standard Books for GATE 2021 & 2022

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